Fête cantonale de gymnastique à Colombey

Je suis allée à Colombey faire un spectacle. Papa et maman sont  venus me voir, nous avons fait la production inventée par notre groupe, aussi une course d’obstacles et de la course navette.

Nous avons fait des sauts au trampoline, des sauts sur des caissons, des roulades, comme musique nous avons pris plusieurs morceaux que le moniteur à collé ensemble.

Aliénor gymnastique Colombey4

Aliénor gymnastique Colombey3

Aliénor gymnastique Colombey

Aliénor gymnastique Colombey2

Mais à la fin du concours nous avons tous été déçus, car nous étions avant-derniers. Nous n’avions pas compris que les jeux comptaient.

Après tout, nous nous sommes bien amusés. Pour moi surtout à la course d’obstacles.

Aliénor gymnastique Colombey7

Aliénor gymnastique Colombey5

Nous avions un drapeau.

Aliénor gymnastique Colombey6





Mes kits pour faire des sacs

Un samedi matin,ma maman est allée faire les commissions : elle m’a acheté un kit pour faire un sac.

Voici une photo du premier sac que j’ai fait :

Premier Sac Capucine

Quelques semaines après,je lui ai demandé d’acheté un kit pour faire un sac pour l’anniversaire d’une de mes amies qui s’appelle Christelle.

Voici également une photo,mais du deuxième sac que j’ai fait

Sac Capucine


J’espère qu’il lui plaira…

Ah oui!j’ai failli oublier de vous dire que coudre à la machine c’est trop bien.





Maman ajoute deux photos :

Capucine couture 2

Capucine couture 1



Learn Of the wash completely free Musically enthusiasts Tricks

CLEVELAND, Ohio aIf you’ve got kids available on cardiovascular system university or college, it’s likely that you understand on the subject of musical. Ly, yet the video sociable network, and its own wash spinoff, live. Ly. But then are all that these apps defend so you can get kids?

Here’s yet the rundown. What is musical. Ly?

Musical. Ly, yet the Shanghai-based social-media network, is usually very popular with young people simply to preteens. Critiques available on app’s collection of populace change from 60 mil to 120 mil. Regardless, millions of kids are using the tv to design 15-second videos of themselves singing, lip-syncing simply to dancing. Yet the app, which was introduced available on 2014, is usually for free so you can get Apple simply to Android gadgets. Populace, or « Musers » due to the fact fans of those app touch themselves, will follow fund to keep tabs on the favorite artists. Mega-popular superstars, composed of Ariana Grande simply to Selena Gomez, use the app. Musers will like posts, comment, ask questions and allow people to emergence duets. They can extent talk about their musical. Ly delighted available on every other sociable press platforms, simply to like the majority of of those platforms, musical. Ly is usually hashtag centric. This past year, yet the #DontJudgeChallenge proceeded to go viral thanks to musical. Ly’s musers. Yet the sociable press advertising campaign was expected to overcome technology shaming, according to MTV, but then extent has done the contrary by just reinforcing aesthetic « ideals. « 

Musical. Ly populace shared videos of themselves in need of « ugly » and at eyeglasses, pimples, location the teeth, thick eyebrows simply to understanding locks. Watch yet the video during the period of to view a number of the #DontJudgeChallenge, simply to recognize that video delivers almost 120 mil sights available on YouTube. Fundamentally, musical. Ly accepts its populace to go to town available on a really creative technique. But then many of the app’s populace are all more youthful. Really, a single whether its finest stars, Jacob Sartorius, is usually 13. He delivers during the period of ten mil fans on the app. To download simply to join yet the app, populace have to be at the very least 13. But musically-likes then why don’t turn into authentic, it is not tough to relax on the subject of how old you are available on the online. What is live. Ly?

Live. Ly, yet the live-streaming video app, is usually quite wash. It was introduced in may simply to racked up during the period of 2 mil downloads available on every month. Due to the fact we have large numbers of accompanied, which one flying identity so you can get live-streaming sociable press and at Twitter’s Periscope simply to Facebook Live. Due to the fact musical. Ly hopes tunes, live. Ly delivers musers for free reign on what they want to bring in fans simply to accepts musers to communicate with fans instantly. Musers can pick from a number of different categories, composed of makeup, life, sing, dance, and the like. , to tag within their live videos. So can be that these apps defend for the whole cardiovascular system schoolers?

Probably. Although the tough part is usually the selection. You’ll want to ensure that your young child disables location support inside the app available on their telephone settings. After that during the app, you’ll want to emergence 3 tabs during the app settings:

Only just friends will urgent. Ly me personally

Conceal location guideline

Private felt

To get started available on live. Ly, populace signal available on into their musicl. Ly felt, and so the establishing likes will stick an equal inside the live-streaming app. So you can get live. Ly, stress yet the need for attracting smart with all the current app. Live streaming is usually exactly what the tv appears like; your body’s young child have always been live on the online, with no the capability to edit yet the video just before the others see it. Location of those live-stream is usually important as it can bring aside information about so where your body’s young child lives simply to spends span. Here’s a further step to keep in mind. Musical. Ly is usually clearly an integrated music-based app, however, not every one of the tunes are all young child friendly. You can obtain thousands of song categories to choose from simply to what tends like millions of tunes, so your young child probably isn’t expected to turn into singing Disney tunes.